first love

dia x sehensem abang zacky (aww) *kpd dian, biar la dyer dh potong rmbut, aq tetap nk setia kat dy. hahaha
dia x secomel awal ashari (x tau betul ke x eja) *hehe
dia taklah sekaya dato'k
dan x seromantik farid kamil.

BUT why he make me GILA BAYANG?

because of his honesty, and he kinda cute sometime.
seriously when im thinking of him, im not ready for getting new love.
he to special for me.

even, mulut dia xder insurans,main pkai lnggar je.

But,the way he talk to me,
the way how he express his feeling.
its enough for me, to make me still in love him.
ya. i know im stupid

but why love so cruel?
why i cant forget about him?

and why i cant face the truth he not belong to me anymore.

and this song remind me to him.

when u smile,
whole world stop and stare for a while,
cuz boy you're amazing,
just the way you are :)

p/s : the truth thing sometime make u hurt.