love the real me.

I’m not perfect, 
I’m not gorgeous, 
I don’t have the prettiest smile or the most sexiest body.
I’m not going to be cute every second of the day .
I’m not always going to know the right thing to say & the right time to say it.
I am very moody person and I do have pretty bad moodswings. 
I usually over react over dumb little things and cry over nothing. 
I’m afraid I won’t add up to your ex girlfriend, but I am willing to try my hardest.
I get jealous but that only proves that I care enough not to lose you. 
I make assumptions and I'll argue until I get my point across. 
I’m impatient, insecure and at the same times,can be selfish . 
so if you choose to love me, 
for who I am, for what I hope to become.
i will give all my heart to loving you until the end.